Xbox One unboxing – headset included with all versions

Editors Note – this year will be a mammoth year for the console industry. The latest generations of Xbox and Playstation, are expected to be released inside weeks of each other. Both are vying for our interest and hard earned cash, unlike the past generation, Sony with the Playstation 4 have put a cheaper price together compared to the xbox one, which surprised everyone at E3 this year. But recent news released by Microsoft proves that the xbox one features kinect and a headset, proving that xbox ones additional price is actually for added extras.


The standard and Day One editions of the Xbox One console will both include a headset, despite Microsoft suggesting that Kinect would be used instead.

As U-turns go it’s one of Microsoft’s more minor in recent months, but Xbox Live director of programming Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb has confirmed that all Xbox One consoles will be sold with a headset.

The unboxing video below is for the limited edition ‘Day One’ boxed set, although the only difference is an exclusive Achievement and a specially embossed controller.

That means the other contents of the box will also be included in the ordinary edition, namely a 4K compatible HDMI cable and the controversial Kinect sensor.

Initially Microsoft said that the Xbox One wouldn’t come with a headset, despite the console using a new audio connector port that means existing headsets need an adaptor to work.

The idea was that you were going to have to pay for that separately or just use Kinect’s microphone to speak to people. Microsoft then reversed its decision, then pretended it hadn’t reversed its decision, and has now admitted that actually, yes: it does come with a headset.