Is this year about to be the year for Augmented reality

2013 is going to be the year of AR.


Now at the end of last year, we are already seeing a speedy adoption of AR tech. Portable gadgets such as tablet pc’s, mini consoles and smart phones are seemingly tailor-made for this new darling of the Information era.


So what’s AR? Well, AR (or ‘augmented reality’ to its associates), is essentially the process of applying computer created imagery and/or information onto real life descriptions (at the least the kind of AR we are talking here is, nonetheless, its an open-ended term, so post your complaints within the remarks section, please). AR could be functional to paper supplements (in order that when the content or pictures are viewed on a phone app they jump to life and recommend additional content), street corners (much like the app that can mention all relevant information pertaining to a restaurant, including feedback, menus and exclusive offers, just by holding your phone in the route of the eatery itself) and also the night sky (yes, some AR apps will in fact offer scientific data and Hubble telescope information on fantastic bodies and constellations as you view them on your phone).


AR is coming concurrently in a great way and make no mistake about it. Google Glass, a development introduced by Google X Lab earlier this year, is one such example. Taking the form of a fashionable set of glasses, Glass users can walk down the street and access any information they see fit as they are doing so. They will even be capable of film their day by day events, or take snapshots of things as they happen. Reality is going to be re-shaped in real time by the glasses; you are able to even use them to make video calls to loved ones. Google Glass is going to be offered to developers early next year and, by the beginning of 2014, will develop into commercially obtainable, together with many of other interesting products of that ilk.


Augmented reality’s influence on home enjoyment (especially video games) may even be felt, but there’s also way more ‘grown up’ uses for this technology in the pipeline. Variations of Augmented reality are already being used to train soldiers, educate would-be surgeons and instruct firefighters in digital burning buildings. For those who don’t have the cash for a smart phone, Google Glass or the rest we have talked about, you will see the effects of AR on television sports casting (check out the real-time analysis overlaid on recent NFL games) and on shop window promotion (disobedient high street chain Anne Summers pioneered a particularly unforgettable one earlier this year).


In 2013, with an abundance of funds coming in from Augmented reality applications, games and gadgets, we could demand a rapid improvement of this technology. This means that by the top of next year, AR may be an inevitable fact of modern life. We expect Augmented reality to become a significant selling point next year, with businesses offering an increased amount of AR-ready mini games as accessories on various devices and more AR apps being developed than at any other time.


If you’re in training as a general practitioner, a soldier, a policemen or a fireman, the odds are you’ll come across Augmented reality (if you have not already) in 2013. Of course, this will not replace the knowledge of dashing into a burning structure, going into battle or performing complex surgery (and it is not attempting to), but the possibility is there for more detailed and thorough training for experts in these areas. In addition, it won’t be long before CEO’s and managers are holding AR-infused meetings, in which the attendees can get into relevant information in real time, which will certainly beat a Powerpoint presentation any day!


In 2013, expect advertisements, newspaper supplements and smart phone games to include an mounting element of Augmented reality capability. Augmented reality is taking the fast track into our lives and 2013 will be a pivotal time for this.


Next year will be the most technologically progressive period in mankind’s history so far and, if that looks like a simple thing to say, consider the vastness of this proclamation. Like the Internet before it, Augmented reality is about to make a big splash in our lifestyles and 2013 is going to be the biggest wave so far. Frankly, we can’t wait for it…