Can canon printers cut it, we determine here

In spite of appearing like something the crew of the Enterprise might discover on an away mission, the new canon printer, with Wi-Fi, best-ever image reproduction and outstanding scanning capabilities, is designed for more than simply destroying red shirt guys (although I’m sure there’s a function for that on there someplace).


The canon printer formerly known as PIXMA is the last word in printer chic. Eye-catching, futuristic design (which at all times gets geeks like me salivating) of this calibre when applied to a ease-of-operation, efficiency and many functions of this new-fangled canon printer is actually a little extraordinary.


I keep calling it ‘new’ but in fact the canon printer in question may be out a little time, but that’s OK, it enables for better word of mouth with a de-crease in price.


The main reason I keep referring to this canon printer as a ‘new’ thing is that it appears like one. With its slender, jet black casing, electric blue buttons and compact size, the canon printer can’t help but look as if it is left here by time travellers.


Furthermore, this particular canon printer has so many more capabilities than most printers. As an example, are you aware you could print out HD films, frame-by-frame? That the print time is about two times as fast as an ‘old’ printer? That it automatically corrects flaws in the photos before printing? If you didn’t, then maybe its time to understand.