Can a pc tablet replace a phone when you are travelling

This can be a really expert question. We have to confess that I carry neither a smartphone, nor a tablet with me if i go out. This is because, until recently, I lived in quite a violent area where muggings were routine. The truth is, I would also leave my iPod and wallet at home regularly as well.


Anyway, nowadays, in my new home, I in all probability could walk down the streets with a tablet under my arm and then the worst I would get would be verbal insults for not having the latest iPad. I can hear it now:


No lightening port? You Philistine!”


However, the original point does remain. Most of these fancy gadgets and gizmos I spend my days reviewing are fine and dandy, but they are prime targets for thieves. In fact, I know of at least one tech reviewer who was mugged whilst in fact in the process of reviewing a pc tablet. Until Apple or Android comes up with an app that may electrocute muggers via voice command, you do need to pay attention to where and when you’re using your tablet pc.


Now, having said that, there are a variety of fine reasons to take a tablet out with you (albeit cautiously). PC contributor Armando Rodriguez said,


“At first, I didn’t see why I would need a tablet. But after observing quite a few PCWorld editors using them around the office, I relented and picked up an iPad last summer. Initially I had purchased the device to browse my massive library of digital comic books, but soon I found it useful for other, more-practical tasks. I started taking the iPad to meetings and using it to do quick Web searches, and it became my preferred way to read and respond to e-mail”.


Yes, pc tablets do grow on you (not literally though. That would be odd). These are generally faster and more trustworthy than smartphones and so they can play quite a lot more. Furthermore, it’s far nicer to see the whole web page, rather than the scaled-down ‘mobile’ version. On top of that, pc tablets boot up that much faster. Armando claims,


“Reaching for a tablet to browse the Web during TV commercials is much easier than getting up, going to your desk, and booting up your computer. Even laptops, which are supposed to be mobile devices, can take a while to start, and they often get uncomfortably hot after a short period of use”.


…And let’s not forget Microsoft’s hours of ‘updates’ that decide to put in themselves for 20+ minutes as you are getting from the bus. However, that being said, Mark Kyrnin of, writes a comprehensive ‘tablets vs laptops’ piece of writing which concludes that,


“As it stands, laptops still offer a greater level of flexibility when it comes to mobile computing. They may not have the same level of portability, running times or ease of use of a tablet but there are still a number of issues that tablets need to resolve before they become the main means of mobile computing”.


But we’re talking about Smartphones, not laptop computers (I just added that in case you’re wondering), so I go off the point…


Pc tablets also can cope with more entertainment than a smartphone (and are much better than a phone for keeping you busy within the longer journeys), tablets excel at handling films, music, e books and an unlimited array of apps.


Armando Rodriguez also claims,


“One of the reasons I prefer carrying around a tablet as opposed to a laptop is the superior battery life you get from a tablet. My laptop can go for only about 2.5 hours before I have to plug it in, whereas I can get almost a full day’s use out of a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad”.


On the whole, with the pc tablet you’ll get yourself a more broad entertainment/working/study skill than using a smartphone, in addition to a neater plus much more travel-friendly experience than you’ll get from the laptop.